At Qison, we develop highly advanced, responsive and interactive solutions for a diverse set of requirements, including social enablement, social commerce, internal applications, etc. Through our comprehensive gamut of enterprise-level scalable solutions, we enable businesses achieve streamlined efficiencies, wider reach and greater benefits.

Qison specializes in architecting, developing and implementing high-performance social media and web-space solutions that encourage brand-customer interactions and bring higher consumer engagement. Therefore, we stay abreast of cutting-edge tools and technologies in IT, so we continue to deliver enhanced value proposition to our clients.

What We Bring to the Table?

Having worked in diverse domains and sectors, our team members possess extensive experience in numerous technologies and platforms across a varied range of requirements. We are therefore adept at delivering highly customized, robust and scalable solutions.

Web 2.0 & 3.0

Our extensive expertise in Web 2.0 and 3.0 technologies enables us develop interactive social networking sites and blogs, as well as high-performance web applications with innovative business delivery models.

HTML 5.0

We leverage the advanced features of HTML 5.0 to develop web applications with high levels of interoperability and flexibility to enhance, extend and rationalize markup available for documents.

Microsoft Technologies

We are highly adept at several Microsoft technologies, including .NET, SharePoint, etc. We develop robust, scalable and reliable enterprise project management (EPM) solutions, platform migration, packaged solutions, collaboration, .NET architecture consulting and application integration.

Java Technologies

Through our comprehensive domain expertise and in-depth knowledge of all Java technologies (jQuery, JSP, etc.), we design and develop high-performance, scalable and platform-independent solutions for a wide range of requirements.

Open Source Technologies

Using Open Source technologies to develop highly flexible and scalable products, enables us to offer maximum customizability to our clients. We possess expertise in several Open Source technologies, such as Mono, Apache, Zenoss, MySQL, Open Solaris, etc.

Mobile Technologies

Owing to our immense domain expertise in mobile technologies, we develop customized, interactive and highly scalable mobile solutions and applications for a broad set of requirements, including Android and iOS. Our mobile solutions deliver immersive, on-the-go user experience.

  • Enterprise-Level
    Scalable Architecture

Application Architecture

  • J2EE/ AJAX/ JQUERY/ RESTFUL web services
  • Application Servers like Weblogic, JBOSS, Jetty, etc.
  • Search Engine Integrations like Lucene, Elastic Search, etc.
  • Caching Tools & Techniques like Memcached
  • ORM Tools for Database Access
  • No-SQL Databases for Faster Access

Deployment Architecture

  • Build, Test, Deploy and Integrate
  • Horizontal Infrastructure Scaling with Multiple Nodes
  • Cloud Computing
  • Database
    Business Intelligence
  • Oracle RAC 11g
  • OBI (Install/ Deploy/ Maintain
  • MySQL
  • Mongo
  • Open Source Technologies
  • Drupal/ Joomla/ Moodle
  • Zencart
  • Mobile Application Development
  • iOS/ Android Technologies

The Qison Differentiator

  • Rich Experience Across Diverse Frontend & Backend Technologies
  • Highly Adept at Developing the Best-Fit Solution
  • Highly Qualified Team with Extensive Knowledge Across Domains and Sectors
Process and Project Management

With numerous software projects and underlying processes running simultaneously, organizations can face challenges in realizing effective management. Due to the dynamic nature of projects, most organizations do not have predefined methods and processes, and only define them during the development phase. This results in increased TCOs and late times to market.

Moreover, software project and process management, albeit crucial, is highly cost and resource intensive, and might divert the organizations from their core competencies.

What We Bring to the Table?

Being an end-to-end IT solutions provider for varied requirements, we at Qison understand how critical a role project and process management plays in ensuring streamlined development and timely delivery. Therefore, we offer all-round management for a diverse range of software projects and processes.

We extend our expertise in project planning, evaluation and architecture, project roadmap, people management, dependency identification and milestones establishment. We provide comprehensive process and project management at both macro and micro levels – from implementing industry-proven coding standards to ensuring seamless delivery.

With rich and varied experience across domains, sectors and technologies, our team implements Waterfall and Agile methodologies for planning, monitoring and process management. We design flexible and empathetic frameworks that ensure effective project and process management, enabling businesses enhance internal efficiency, reduce TTMs, and increase business benefits.

The Qison Differentiator

  • Reduced TTMs and Higher Business Benefits
  • End-to-End Project and Process Management
  • Rich and Varied Experience Across Domains, Sectors and Technologies
  • Waterfall and Agile Methods for Project and Process Planning, Monitoring and Management
  • Comprehensive Management at Both Macro and Micro Levels
Architecting and High Performance

With the increasing needs for scalable solutions, development and maintenance of high-volume applications is a challenge that organizations worldwide are facing today, in terms of incurred costs and allocated resources. Concomitantly, companies are looking for an effective, all-round and cost-efficient solution that will yield optimized business outputs.

What We Bring to the Table?

Architecting, scaling and maintaining high-performance applications demands extensive skills and knowledge in cutting-edge tools and technologies. At Qison, owing to our vast experience in developing solutions of various scales for several requirements, we possess rich domain expertise and in-depth technological knowledge.

We understand that maintaining high-traffic websites with millions of users logging in at once, however difficult, is crucial to ensuring a glitch-free user experience. Therefore, we are equipped with extensive diagnostic tool knowledge, and database expertise, which help us quickly identify and eliminate bottlenecks in a system.

We follow a systematic approach, where we start by understanding the requirements/ current infrastructure and then proceed further towards development, scaling and maintenance. We provide end-to-end services – right from developing architecting high-performance solutions to monitoring, maintaining, supporting and scaling existing applications.

The Qison Differentiator

  • End-to-End Architecting and High-Performance Services
  • Vast Experience in Product Development for Various Scales and Requirements
  • Rich Domain Expertise and In-Depth Knowledge of Tools and Technologies